12 09 2008

First off go to the very back of the stage catalog and get a FREE background after pulling down The “how do i get coins?” thing. It may be a party hint like the Medevil party hint

CHECK ARCHIVES OF MY WEBSITE. Then the pin is at the dock


Proof that Bots On Club Penguin are real

8 09 2008

Ok this week is gonna be what i like to call Theme Week Which means well have a new theme every week!

Well this week the Theme is Bots Pepole on club penguin think they are rumors or hackers but if you go thru the club penguin archives you’ll find this…


Hello Penguins! We are currently testing some robots. These robots are used to help us find bugs.

By admin on September 02 2005 04:15


See there is Proof if you dont believe me look for yourself…


More continued on this Tommorrow…






HINT: Next weeks theme’s Picture is hidden somewhere on this site…

The New Pengbay!

6 09 2008

Join today!

Im back!

4 09 2008

Yes thats right I AM BACK! AND Better than ever! No thanks to Beagle for almost RUINING the blog.

Tgcx’s Club penguin Cheats!

4 07 2008

Hey Marjon here theres a really cool Club penguin cheat site actually shes one of my friends its reall good and i woul like it if you could go here is the site link it will also be in the blog roll click here to go to her site please go she needs hits until then waddle on……. marjon

Welcome back party

28 06 2008

Hey guys its marjon1816 aka Twister 50 now.. I am having a welcome back party here is the time


Time: 3:00 pm clubpenguin time

place: Mammoth mine

what to wear: anything

whos invited: everyone

10 06 2008

Hey guys its Eryck aka dean9 aka marjon1816. Well i need 25 credits. I am willing to give every penguin pass that i know. some of them might be banned some might have changed the pass but i will give u every pass i know for 25 credits email me at if you want all these penguin.

p.s i have like 32 penguins lol